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Message from the President
Since its foundation, Nexus has been contributing to local societies aiming for higher prosperity in the industry world through manufacturing moldings.
It is no exaggeration to say that the path Nexus took for better quality products was nothing but a sprit of constant self-improvement and renovations.

As a venture, Nexus devotes itself to arranging the best workplace for the brightest engineers which will enhance their self-development.
We are determined to grow more in order to distribute innovative industry to society.

We, located in the historic castle town of Izushi, strive to commit to continuously working on not only becoming environmentally conscious but also harmonizing with the precious local culture and community where the national special treasure; White Oriental storks, soar in the Toyooka sky.
Corporate Philosophy
We, as a metallic molded products manufacturer,
are eager to have made a great contribution to society by
producing products that can be entrusted and
satisfy customers with a mind of distributing "High Quality
products" and "Environmentally Friendly".
Our Mission
1. High Quality Products with great consideration to our precious environment.
2. Apply PDCA Circle effectively to achieve our goals
3. We have absolute comliance with customers or any regulations
4. Determined to constantly develop by fully understanding the mechanisms of products
Operation Policy
1. All policies are recognized by all employees and each individual practices in accordance with the programmed policy toward products and the environment.
2. These policies are regularly re-evaluated into more improved policies.
3. Active on announcing our policies to the public for better understandings of our approaches to products and the environment.
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